Relieve Your Pet In Seconds And Improve Their Wellbeing Without Visiting The Vet!

Is your pet suffering from pains, wounds, and spasms that are making their life 10X more difficult? Grant them a completely pain-free life that’s filled with joy and pure excitement with the cutting-edge Photizo Vetcare that uses red light therapy to nurse them back to health!

The Smartest Way To Nurture Your Pet

The connection you have with your pet is unlink anything you’ve ever experienced. They’ve been there for you when no one else was, and they never expected anything from you except good, honest care of their needs.

That’s why seeing them hurt, squeal, and suffer is never easy, as all you want is for them to grow old next to you and live a happy, fulfilling life!

With the Photizo Vetcare Light Therapy Device, you have the opportunity to take better care of your pets from the comfort of your own home! With preset, hassle-free relaxation settings, your pet will receive the care they deserve in no time! 

Everything Your Pet Needs In A Single Tool!

This revolutionary solution uses cutting-edge red light therapy technology to help you stimulate healing for various conditions in animals. Things like wounds, eczema, saddle sores, skin allergies, and more can be alleviated with a few sessions, and all the pain will simply disappear!
Photizo Vetcare is the result of years of R&D, and we’ve managed to create the world’s most portable, effective, and potent solution for alleviating most external conditions that your pet suffers from.

Effective at Treating ....

  • Wounds / Lacerations 
  • Abscesses
  • Eczema
  • Arthritis / Tendonitis 
  • Inflammation
  • Hip Dysplasia Pain 
  • Sprains / Strains Musculoskeletal Injuries 
  • Surgical Recovery 
  • Bruising
  • Fractures
  • Neck and Back Pain
  • Splints / Overuse Injuries 
  • Edema
  • Muscle Injuries / Soreness / Spasms …and more!

What Is Red Light Therapy And Why Is It Effective?

Red light therapy is used by the highest-rated vets all over the world! It target’s the muscle tendons, skin cells, and bones on a deeper level to provoke the body’s natural healing abilities and help you heal your pet from the comfort of your own home.
This technology is highly effective yet completely non-invasive and requires no additional products. It’s perfect for pets that have undergone surgery, have stitched wounds, and have skin breakouts, as it relieves them completely pain-free and with preset settings that take all the guesswork out of the equation! 
Photizo Light Therapy harnesses the healing power of red and infrared light at specific wavelengths shown to be effective in accelerating natural healing, reducing swelling and inflammation, stimulating the immune system and relieving pain. Cells that are injured can actually be rejuvenated by light.

Light Therapy is clinically proven, backed by solid science, and has all the following benefits:


Can be used in nearly any body part or species.


Properly applied light therapy cannot harm the patient. It only promotes healing 


Gentle and soothing. Can be applied to painful areas bringing immediate relief.


Natural light in the right wavelengths to trigger the body’s innate healing ability.

The Difference Between Red Light and Infrared Light

Yea...We know it is boring... But we think it is important for you to know the differences between the spectrum of different wavelengths and their effect as there are many "Light Therapy" devices out there in the market, but not all wavelengths are equally effective with respect to healing.

Visible Red Light

Visible red light wavelengths ranges from around 620nm – 700 nm

All red light wavelengths are effective and offer health benefits, although certain wavelengths are more powerful than others-particularly those that fall between 630-680nm. 

Wavelength within this range can penetrate to a depth of about 8-10mm (about 3/8″). 

It is very beneficial in treating problems close to the surface such as wounds, cuts, scars, trigger points and acupuncture points, and is particularly effective in treating infections

Near Infrared Light (NIR)

Near infrared light (NIR) wavelengths range from around 700 nm – 2,500 nm

Not all wavelengths within this range are equally effective with respect to healing: wavelengths between 800-880 nm appear to offer the greatest therapeutic benefits.

 Infrared light is not visible to the eye. It penetrates to a depth of about 30-40 mm (1.2″ to 1.4″), which makes it more effective for bones, joints, deep muscles, bursa, etc.

It reduces sensitivity of neural pathways and causes the body to release endorphins that provide a non-toxic, natural form of pain relief.  Infrared technology is so gentle that patients can use it frequently without causing more damage to injuries or other chronic pathologies. 

Although both red and infrared wavelengths penetrate to different depths and affect tissues differently, their therapeutic effects are similar. 
Photizo Vetcare includes both red and near infrared (NIR) wavelengths which is 633nm & 850nm with a peak output of 330mW/cm2 for maximum effectiveness for both shallow and deep treatment. 

See How It Works..

How Do I Use Photizo Vetcare On My Pet?

It is simple and stress-free for both you and your pet. Turn on, Treat, Repeat. Treat your pet at home JUST in 3 simple steps.

Turn On

Place the probe in direct contact with the skin on the area that required treatment, and press the GREEN power button. The unit will beep twice.


Keep the probe still in position until the treatment session ends in 31 seconds. The unit will beep twice again and switch off automatically.


Move the probe to the next spot. Repeat the above 2 steps until the entire area that required treatment has been covered.

Instant Pain Relief No Matter The Condition

Why Photizo Vetcare ?

  • Cost-effective and extremely affordable compared to vet visits.
  • The perfect dosage every time with pre-programmed sessions.
  • Quick results even on the most stubborn of conditions.
  • 100% safe and side effect-free.
  • Backed by years of scientific research and real-world experiments.

Photizo Vetcare Is Effective In Treating…

Skin Conditions

Saddle Sores
Proud Flesh
 Acral Lick Granulomas
Otitis Externa
Skin Allergies

Musculoskeletal Problems

 Ligament / Tendon Sprains  Strains
 Neck and back pain
Overuse Injuries
 Muscle Injuries
 Muscle Spasms

Post Surgery

Any Area Treated Surgically 
Skin grafts
Orthropedic Surgery 
Soft Tissue Surgery 


Corneal Ulcers
Viral/ Herpes-Related Conditions
Retro-Orbicular Trauma
Trigger Points
Mastitis and more…

and It Can Be Use In All Species!

Isn't it amazing? Light therapy is safe for animals of all species and sizes. It can be applied to hamsters, horses, and all other animals without any concerns. Though technically, you can use it on yourself, we offer a human version Photizo designed specifically for personal use. Discover the animals below that have already experienced the benefits of Photizo Vetcare.

What Can Light Therapy Do To The Body?

Therapeutic effects of light therapy include the followings...

Stimulate the Production of ATP in the Mitochondria

Increase Immune System Activity

Promote Healing

Reverse the Cell Death Process and Promotes Cell Repair

Increase Blood Supply

Promote Healing

Increase Cellular Regeneration

Reduce Excitability of Nervous Tissue


Clear Inflammation and Increases Lymphatic Activity

Produce Collagen

Accelerate Metabolism

Research Studies On Light Therapies

Light Therapy Is Not A New Or Fleeting Science

The medical community has long acknowledged the positive effects of light therapy on the human body and mind. With over 30 years of research and more than 2,000 clinical studies on photobiomodulation, but yet, many people are still unaware of this concept, particularly when it comes to using light therapy on animals.
Now with Photizo Vetcare,  it allows your furry or scaly companion to experience the remarkable benefits of light therapy too!

Treat Various Conditions Of Your Pet At The Comfort Of Your Home

Make an investment in your pet's health that you'll never regret. Portable, Rechargeable, CE-approved, Photizo Vetcare is a state-of-the-art, safe, and affordable device.


  • Wavelengths: 633nm red, 850nm infrared 
  • No of LED: 14 red & 2 infrared 
  • Coverage: 4.7 cm2 
  • Power Output: Peak output of 330mW/cm2  
  • Treatment Time: 31 seconds 
  • Main Power: 00-240VAC
  • Battery Voltage: 7.2V DC
  • Battery Charger: 12V 1A
  • Battery Type: NiMH rechargeable 
  • Battery Operating Time: 90 minutes continuous use 
  • Charge Time: Max 4 hours 
  • Unit Weight: 280gram

What is Included?

  • Photizo Vetcare Main Unit 
  • Multi-Plug Charger (Worldwide)
  • Instructions for Use 
  • Drawstring Bag

Light Lifetime

  • red: 75,000+ hours
  • Infrared:100,000+ Hours


  • 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects

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Invest In Your Pet’s Well-Being Today!

Don’t you think your best friend deserves the right help? We definitely do! Tap the link below to get your own Photizo Vetcare today and give your pet the relief and the painless help they need to get back to full health.


Photizo Vetcare

$690.00 $586.00


Photizo Vetcare

$690.00 $586.00


Photizo Vetcare

$690.00 $586.00

Compare With Other Light Therapy Device

Don’t you think your best friend deserves the right help? We definitely do! Tap the link below to get your own Photizo Vetcare today and give your pet the relief and the painless help they need to get back to full health.


Photizo Vetcare

Other Light Therapy Device

Manufacturing Facility

Photizo Vetcare is proudly crafted by Photon Therapy Systems. Founded in 2005 and based in picturesque Pretoria, South Africa, the company’s mission is to enrich the lives of both humans and their beloved furry companions. 

The journey started with a focus on diabetic wound-care, and expanded to address various conditions in animals and humans. With a passion for innovative healthcare solutions, the company is committed to providing top-quality products that promote well-being and healing for pets and people alike. 

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Our highest priority is to build lasting trust with everyone who uses Photizo Vetcare . We want you to purchase with total confidence… so we’ve made it completely risk-free.
We are confident that you would see some result if you use it correctly, …..but if you’re unsatisfied for any reason, just send it back within 30 days, and we’ll refund every penny you spent.
Oh, and you can keep all of your free bonuses, too. There’s absolutely nothing to lose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Light Therapy & Photizo Vetcare Device

No, Photizo Vetcare is not laser therapy. It utilizes LED (Light Emitting Diode) therapy, which is a form of light therapy. While both laser and LED therapies use light to promote healing, they differ in how the light is generated and delivered. Photizo Vetcare’s LED technology offers safe and gentle treatment suitable for at-home use, delivering effective results without the risks associated with laser therapy.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) therapy and laser therapy are both forms of light therapy but have some key differences:

Light Source: LED therapy uses light-emitting diodes to emit non-coherent light, while laser therapy uses focused beams of coherent light.

Intensity: Laser therapy delivers higher intensity light, potentially penetrating deeper into tissues. LED therapy provides lower intensity light, making it safer for home use without the need for protective eyewear.

Application: LED therapy is commonly used for non-invasive wound healing, pain relief, and inflammation reduction. Laser therapy is often used for more specific medical treatments requiring precise targeting.

Safety: LED therapy is considered safer for self-application, as it poses minimal risks. Laser therapy may require professional administration due to its higher intensity and potential for eye damage.

Yes, red and infrared LED light therapies have been cleared by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) for various applications. These therapies have undergone rigorous testing to ensure their safety and effectiveness in promoting healing and relieving pain. Photizo Vetcare utilizes specific wavelengths of red and infrared LED light, providing a non-invasive and FDA-approved solution for your pet’s health needs.

Photizo Vetcare works on the principle of photobiomodulation, also known as low-level light therapy. When the red and infrared LED light is applied to the affected area, it stimulates the cells and tissues, enhancing their natural healing processes. This process helps to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, and promote the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) energy in cells. As a result, Photizo Vetcare aids in alleviating pain, accelerating tissue repair, and supporting your pet’s overall wellness for a happier and healthier life.

The effectiveness of laser therapy versus red light therapy depends on the condition being treated. Laser therapy offers higher intensity and precision but may have more risks. Red light therapy is safer for home use and versatile, but its penetration may be limited.
Studies comparing lasers to equivalent light sources with similar wavelength and power density have shown no significant difference between them (Freitas de Freitas et al., 2016). 

The wavelength of Photizo Vetcare is specifically designed to include red (633nm) and infrared (850nm) light. These wavelengths have been carefully selected to provide optimal therapeutic benefits for your pet’s well-being and promote natural healing processes.

Yes. Extensive clinical research supports light therapy’s efficacy in various medical applications, including wound healing, pain relief, inflammation reduction, and tissue repair. This non-invasive and efficient treatment option has gained widespread recognition in the medical community for both humans and animals.

Yes, red and infrared LED light treatments are generally effective across various species, including humans and animals. Photobiomodulation at the cellular level stimulates natural healing processes. While responses may vary, red and infrared LED treatments are well-tolerated and can benefit a wide range of pets. Consult a veterinarian to determine the best treatment plan for your pet’s specific needs.

While red and infrared LED therapy is generally considered safe, excessive exposure to the light may have adverse effects. Overstimulation of cells with red and infrared light can slow down healing. Always refer to the instructions for frequency of use and how to treat.

To ensure optimal performance, it is recommended to charge the Photizo Vetcare device for approximately 4 hours before its initial use. This charging time allows the device’s battery to reach a full charge, enabling you to provide your pet with effective light therapy for their well-being and comfort. Refer to the product manual for specific charging instructions relevant to your Photizo Vetcare. 

Light Therapy & Photizo Vetcare Device

Treatment frequency depends on your pet’s condition. For acute issues, treatments may be more frequent initially (1-2 times/day), while for chronic conditions, treatments can be less frequent (2-3 times/week). Always refer to our instruction manual and consult your veterinarian for the best treatment plan tailored to your pet’s needs. Observe your pet during and after treatments and seek vet advice for any concerns.

Results vary based on your pet’s condition and response to treatment. Some may see improvement in a few sessions, while others may take longer. Acute issues may show results in days to a week, and chronic conditions may require more time. Be consistent with the treatment plan and consult your vet if needed.

Yes, you can generally use the Photizo Vetcare while your pet is under anti-inflammatory medication. LED light therapy, like Photizo Vetcare, is non-invasive and can complement other treatment modalities, including anti-inflammatory medications.

However, it’s essential to consult your veterinarian before combining treatments. They can provide personalized advice based on your pet’s specific condition, medication dosage, and treatment plan.

Yes, it is safe to use Photizo Vetcare on your pet who has an orthopedic implant. LED light therapy is non-invasive and generally safe for use on animals with implants.
However, to ensure the best results and safety for your pet, it is still essential to consult your veterinarian before starting any treatment. They can assess your pet’s specific situation and provide personalized advice to ensure that using Photizo Vetcare will not pose any risks or complications related to the orthopedic implant.

Photizo Vetcare is most effective when applied directly to the skin. The therapeutic light needs direct contact with the skin to penetrate the tissues and provide its beneficial effects. If clothes or bandages cover the targeted area, it may hinder the light’s ability to reach the skin and reduce the treatment’s effectiveness.

To ensure the best results, it’s essential to apply the LED therapy directly on the exposed skin surface. If your pet needs to wear clothes or bandages for wound protection or medical reasons, gently lift or adjust them to expose the area requiring treatment. This way, the Photizo Vetcare device can deliver its soothing light therapy directly to the affected tissues, promoting healing and comfort.

It’s best not to apply the Photizo Vetcare device directly onto an open wound. Treat the surrounding skin and tissues instead, as the LED light can still penetrate effectively and promote healing. Maintain a distance of 2-5mm from the wound site for gentle and effective treatment. Always consult your veterinarian for guidance on managing open wounds or serious medical conditions. They can recommend the most suitable treatment plan for your pet’s specific needs.

You can begin using Photizo Vetcare immediately after your pet’s surgery. It is safe for post-operative care, and light therapy can aid in wound healing and reduce inflammation. However, always follow your veterinarian’s instructions and recommendations for proper application to effectively promote your pet’s healing process.

If your dog has been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor, it is not recommended to use Photizo Vetcare or any form of light therapy in the affected area. Light therapy, including Photizo Vetcare, may stimulate blood flow, and this can potentially promote the growth of cancerous cells in the area.

When dealing with cancer in pets, it is crucial to follow the advice and recommendations of your veterinarian, who can design a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your dog’s specific condition. If you have any questions or concerns about using light therapy or any other treatment, always consult your veterinarian to ensure the best possible care for your pet’s health and well-being.

While Photizo Vetcare is generally safe and non-invasive, there are certain considerations to keep in mind:

1. Cancerous Tumors:Avoid using light therapy on cancerous tumors, as it may stimulate blood flow and potentially promote cancer growth in the area.

2. Epilepsy or Seizure Disorders:Some studies suggest that pulsed visible light at frequencies in the 5-10 Hz ranges may induce seizures. The Photizo Vetcare does not pulse in the 5-10 Hz range, however anyone with seizure disorders should avoid looking directly at the light beam emitted from the probe as a preventative measure.

3. Pregnancy:Do not use Photizo Vetcare on pregnant pets, as the effects of light therapy on pregnancy have not been extensively studied.

4. Photosensitivity: Some pets may be more sensitive to light, and light therapy could cause skin irritation. Consult your veterinarian if your pet has a known sensitivity to light.

5. Open Wounds: Open wounds require careful infection prevention and wound management. Before using Photizo Vetcare or any light therapy, consult your vet for proper wound care instructions. Avoid direct application of light therapy on the wound itself and focus on treating the surrounding healthy tissues. Prioritize your pet’s well-being and follow your veterinarian’s advice for optimal wound healing.

The effectiveness of Photizo Vetcare depends on the underlying cause of the weakness. If the weakness is due to pain from arthritis, Photizo Vetcare may help alleviate discomfort and support the healing process. 

However, if the weakness is caused by muscle atrophy or nerve damages etc , light therapy alone may not be sufficient. In such cases, you may need to consider additional physiotherapy sessions to strengthen the muscles and address the root cause of the weakness. To determine the most suitable treatment plan for your pet’s condition, it’s essential to consult with your veterinarian for personalized guidance and recommendations.

No. Photizo Vetcare does not directly treat underlying diseases. It provides supportive therapy to aid natural healing processes. It can reduce inflammation, promote blood circulation, and support tissue repair. 

It’s essential to work with your veterinarian for a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses the underlying condition and includes appropriate medical interventions. Photizo Vetcare complements your pet’s wellness routine but does not substitute medical treatment. 

Pets typically experience a warm, gentle sensation at the treatment site during Photizo Vetcare application. The LED light is non-invasive and should not cause discomfort. Most pets find the experience soothing and relaxing. Observe your pet’s reactions and create a comfortable environment during the session.

However, some nervous pets may be scared of the sound or when foreign objects are placed on their bodies. To help your pet feel more at ease, you can provide treats or distractions during the session. If your pet is sensitive to noise, you can contact us, and we can provide a silent version of Photizo Vetcare for you. Our goal is to ensure a positive and comfortable experience for your beloved pet during their light therapy sessions.

Product Safety

Yes. The red and infrared light will not damage your eyes, but it is advisable not to shine your Photizo device directly in your eyes, just as you never look directly towards the sun. Prolonged and direct exposure to bright red light may cause temporary discomfort, like eye strain or fatigue.

We offer free shipping for all orders in China, Hong Kong Singapore and Malaysia. You can enjoy the convenience of having your Photizo Vetcare device delivered to your doorstep without any additional shipping costs.

For customers who are located in other countries, please contact your closest Photizo Vetcare dealer.

No. When used correctly and following appropriate guidelines, red light therapy is considered safe and non-invasive. Unlike ultraviolet (UV) light, which can cause harm to the skin and eyes, red light therapy uses longer wavelengths that are less likely to cause damage. 

No. There are no UV rays in red and infrared LED light therapy. Exposure to UV radiation is the main factor that causes skin cells to become cancer cells. Almost all skin cancers (approximately 99% of non-melanoma skin cancers and 95% of melanoma) are caused by too much UV radiation from the sun or other sources such as solaria (solariums, sunbeds, and sun lamps).

LED light therapy, including red and infrared light therapy, is non-ionizing and does not damage the DNA in cells, which is a key factor in the development of skin cancer. Instead, red and infrared light therapy is used to promote healing, reduce inflammation, and improve various skin conditions.

Purchase, Warranty & Maintenance

For local orders from Hong Kong, delivery typically takes 3-5 days, including order processing time. We use SF Express for local deliveries to ensure prompt service.

For overseas orders, delivery generally takes 8-12 days, considering both order processing and international shipping. We use UPS for international shipments, but please be aware that customs processing may cause occasional delays.

We prioritize timely and reliable delivery, aiming to get your Photizo Vetcare to you as quickly as possible. If you have any inquiries or concerns regarding your order, don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated customer support team.

We offer free shipping for all orders in China, Hong Kong Singapore and Malaysia. You can enjoy the convenience of having your Photizo Vetcare device delivered to your doorstep without any additional shipping costs.

For customers who are located in other countries, please contact your closest Photizo Vetcare dealer.

We offer various payment options to cater to your convenience.

For customers in Hong Kong, we offer multiple payment methods, including AlipayHK, WeChat Pay, PayMe, FPS (Faster Payment System), credit card, and PayPal.

For our overseas customers, we accept payment through credit card and PayPal.

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for Photizo Vetcare. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund. You can keep all the free bonuses as well. Purchase with confidence, as we prioritize building lasting trust with our customers.

Please notify us within 24 hours of receiving the goods, and we will address the issue promptly. To ensure a valid warranty claim, it is essential to keep all the original packaging, including the box and all accessories that came with the product. These items may be required for inspection or return purposes in case of any warranty-related issues.

If the damage occurred after the specified period or due to improper storage, we may be unable to honor a warranty claim. Our customer support team will guide you through the process and work to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.

If your device requires repair, simply contact our customer support team to obtain the repair address. We are here to promptly assist you, and in certain situations, we may even be able to provide guidance over the phone if the issue is related to incorrect usage. You can trust in the reliability of Photizo Vetcare, as our defective rate is notably low, and we are dedicated to ensuring your device functions flawlessly.

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